Sigrid & Ehrling

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Titti Sjöblom

Titti Sigrid Sjöblom is often called by her second name SIGRID when abroad.

Sigrid started singing at the young age of two with her mother Alice Babs. Throughout her childhood she recorded music and could be heard on radio and seen on television. Her first stage performance was at Johanneshov in Stockholm at a UNICEF Gala where she sang “Droppen Dripp”. This gala included the likes of Sammy Davis Jr and Ingrid Bergman. Sigrid’s second stage appearance was in the musical Jesus Christ, Superstar at Scandinavium in Gothenburg, where she starred in the role of Mary Magdalene. In the 1970’s she sang with Charlie Norman and Lennie Norman.

Sigrid's musicality and versatility as an entertainer has led to a wide range of performances from children’s songs to jazz, gospels, ballads and pop music. She has sang with many of our most brilliant musicians such as Bengt Hallberg, Charlie Norman, Per-Erik Hallin, Kjell Öhman, Arne Domnérus, Rune Gustafsson, Lars Erstrand and Janne Schaffer.

Ehrling Eliasson is a true Norrlander of the High Coast, from the heart of Höga Kusten, specifically Ångermanland. Ehrling is something of a Jack-of-all-Trades, and since the middle of the eighties, he has been a full time composer, musician and entertainer.

Ehrling is a brilliant guitarist and entertainer, who plays everything from pop to rock. His specialities are lyrical songs and ballads, as well as jazz and swing. On occasion, Ehrling performs solo as a compère, toast-master or entertainer who masterfully combines his own songs and covers with various pranks and funny stories. He is an accompanist of the highest class, something that many singers and instrumentalists, such as Helen Sjöholm and Alice Babs (see ALICE BABS) have appreciated working with over the years. Ehrling toured for ten years as the bass player with legendary Hans-Erik Nääs who is one of Sweden’s outstanding accordionists.

Titti Sjöblom

Together, Sigrid and Ehrling are now touring extensively throughout Sweden and abroad, often in collaboration with choirs, orchestras, big bands, brass and string bands; but for the most time it is just the two of them. ”Two voices and a guitar” which can be heard at events big and small in churches, stadiums and concert-halls.

Sigrid and Ehrling have produced all their CDs together on their own label: Seaflower Music (see CD)

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